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Cranstons appoint manager for new Food Hall at Orton Grange

Cranstons have appointed the new Manager for their Orton Grange Food Hall, situated near Carlisle. Peter Potts, current Assistant Manager at Cranstons Carlisle Shop, will take up the post when the new store opens in October.

Peter joined Cranstons twenty years ago while he was still at school, working part time until he finished his A-levels then full time as he undertook his apprenticeship in butchery. He gained management experience in a variety of Cranstons shops before becoming Assistant Manager of the Carlisle Shop two and a half years ago. Peter lives in nearby Brampton with his wife Julie.

The new Cranstons store will complement the existing retail development at Orton Grange Farm on the A595, Caldewlees, offering shoppers Cranstons quality locally farmed meats, fresh fruit and vegetables plus food and drink from a range of Cumbrian producers.

Managing Director Philip Cranston said, ‘We are pleased to appoint Peter as Manager of the new Food Hall at Orton Grange. He has worked for the business for many years and has proven that he has the necessary skills to run the new shop. We wish him every success in his new role.’

Peter said, ‘I am excited to take on the post of Manager. I look forward to the challenge of running a large, thriving outlet, and am pleased that Cranstons have rewarded the effort I have put in over the years towards making the business a success.’

CAPTION: Peter Potts (left) on-site with Managing Director Philip Cranston.

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Cranstons appoint manager for new Food Hall at Orton Grange