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Cranstons art exhibition gets straight to the (ball)point

This Spring Cranstons Café Oswald’s will hold an exhibition of ballpoint art from an unexpected source… one of their staff! Mark Raine, who works in the Marketing Department, has produced a limited edition of signed prints that feature detailed depictions of rock, water and wood.

Mark has worked for Cranstons for two and a half years helping handle their press, PR and promotions. He decided to hold his first exhibition as a personal challenge and has been amazed at the response to his work.

‘Each piece is drawn from a photograph using an ordinary ballpoint pen,’ says Mark. ‘They are highly detailed and take between five and ten hours to produce. Suprisingly a ballpoint pen can produce a huge variation in tone, from the faintest hint of colour through to heavy black lines.

‘I scan the original using a high definition scanner, digitally edit it and then print onto heavy, glossy card stock for a finished result that is both high quality yet affordable as I believe everybody should have the opportunity to own art.’

Managing Director Philip Cranston says, ‘We are always delighted to exhibit the work of up and coming artists. This was a total surprise to be honest – we weren’t aware that Mark had this ability at all, and the end result is both impressive and unusual!’

Mark’s work will be on display from Monday 10th March until Sunday 20th April.

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Cranstons art exhibition gets straight to the (ball)point