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Cranstons expand to meet demand

Cranstons have recently expanded their production unit on Ullswater Road. The extension represents an investment in the future.

The site now boasts a state-of-the-art maturation room for dry aging beef carcasses as well as increased space for Cranstons master butchers to carry out their skilled knife work. Additions also include a special room for making their home cured bacon and gammon as well as extra space for their freshly-baked pies and quiches.

Production Unit Manager David Law says, ‘Unlike a lot of food businesses we still do most of our work by hand. Our butchers train for years to develop the skills to create the quality products we are known for, and you just can’t replicate that with machines. I’m particularly excited about the new beef maturation room, which will help make our beef even more tender and flavoursome.’

Operations Director Roger Cranston says, ‘Cranstons has always been about buying beef, pork and lamb from local farms and ensuring that our butchers have the right skills to create the highest quality products. The new space will allow us to do this more efficiently and will set the stage for future growth.’

CAPTION: (Left to right) Production Unit Manager David Law, Operations Director Roger Cranston and Butchery Supervisor Richard McKenna with one of Cranstons prime beef carcasses.

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Cranstons expand to meet demand