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Customers vote with their feet in horsemeat scandal

Cranstons have seen an increase in both customer numbers and trade in Beef Burgers and Beef Mince in the wake of the horsemeat scandal that has swept the nation.

Managing Director Philip Cranston said, ‘We have seen an increase of 5-10% on the two products, proving that customers are voting with their feet and turning to local butchers that they know they can trust.

‘Our whole process from field to counter is straightforward and honest: we source our beef from local farmers and our cattle are slaughtered at nearby Blackbrow Abbatoir, Wigton. Finally, the full beef carcases are broken down into mince and smaller cuts by our own master butchers, meaning our customers can be confident that their Cranstons Beef Burgers and Beef Mince are horsemeat-free.’

Cranstons increase in trade is mirrored across the UK, as sales figures from all members of the Butchers Q Guild, a membership organisation of the UK’s 110 best independent butchers, show that consumers are heading back to the high street following the scare, which has dented consumer trust in the major supermarkets.

Q Guild Chairman Brindon Addy said: ‘Since the horse meat scandal hit the news I think consumers have become aware that there isn’t transparency in purchasing meat, in particular, burgers, from their supermarket. This isn’t the case with Q Guild butchers, who can show the provenance of all the products they sell.  We pride ourselves on being able to deliver from farm to plate and knowing each step of that process.’

Cranstons Beef Burgers and Beef Mince are on sale at their Cumbrian Food Hall in Penrith and in their four traditional butcher’s shops.

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Customers vote with their feet in horsemeat scandal