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Fresh Wild Venison from Cumbrian Estates

Cranstons are currently stocking Wild Venison from Cumbrian estates, giving customers a chance to try this unique and highly-prized meat.

Local Deer Stalker Jonathan Standing sources Venison for Cranstons, taking select groups of skilled marksmen out onto Cumbrian estates to hunt with expert precision. This ensures that Cranstons Wild Venison is not only of the best quality possible, but also conforms to the highest standards of animal welfare (Jonathan even goes so far as to disallow the use of smaller calibre, though still legal, rifles, so passionate is he on this issue).

‘I’ve been involved in stalking and woodland management for around thirty years now,’ says Jonathan. ‘Wild venison really is an exceptional meat, being leaner than farmed venison as well as high in Omega-3 and low in cholesterol. I am pleased to be able to work with a high-quality local producer such as Cranstons to bring this under-used meat to their customers.’

Roger Cranston, Operations Director, said, ‘we are delighted to stock Jonathan’s excellent quality produce – it tastes so much better than farmed venison, and it fits in perfectly with our ethos of sourcing quality local produce.’

Deer seasons change throughout the year in order to maintain stocks and manage the ecosystem. Red Deer Stag season begins on 1st August, and this is what Cranstons will move onto from that date onward.

Cranstons stock a range of venison cuts, including haunch, steaks, burgers, and diced venison.

In addition to Wild Venison, Cranstons also stock a range of other speciality meats on a seasonal basis, including Salt Marsh Lamb, Rose Veal and Saddleback Pork.

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Fresh Wild Venison from Cumbrian Estates