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Talented Penrith Pupils Exhibit Work in Cafe Oswald's

Students from Queen Elizabeth Grammar School are hosting an exhibition of prints this November at Café Oswald’s on Ullswater Road, Penrith. 

The students are exhibiting work created for their A-Level and GCSE coursework. The pieces use a variety of techniques which have perfectly instilled each of their high-calibre talents. 

Head of Art at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Helen Sadowski said: “All the students are currently undertaking their Art A-Level or GCSE and are on track to achieve extremely high grades.”

The pupils aged between 14 and 17 years old have used varied techniques from oil painting, paper cutting and digital generating to produce pieces including self-portraits. 

Featured in the exhibition is a biro-drawn self-portrait by 14 year-old Georgie Clough, which gained her a winning place on the BBC’s One Show Portrait Competition. 

Clough, said of her biro art featured on the One Show: “I decided to work in biro as it was introduced to me by my art teacher. I love the realism you can achieve when drawing natural forms but especially people. In future I would like to go into an art based career.”

Other artwork on display includes 15 year-old Victoria Reay’s vibrant interpretation of a Parrot, painstakingly drawn using oil pastel and coloured crayons; a digitally generated piece by Alex Watson, 17, named ‘Cocktail Shaker’ and Yuchen Zhang’s perfectly captured champagne bubbles using gouache. 


The work will be on display for six weeks running from now until the beginning of December. 

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Talented Penrith Pupils Exhibit Work in Cafe Oswald's