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Young local egg entrepreneur cracks Cranstons

Cranstons Food Halls in Penrith and Orton Grange near Carlisle have begun selling eggs from a young local entrepreneur’s flock of ducks this February.

Hannah Storton and her partner Henry Knowles tend their flock of Khaki Campbell Ducks in the picturesque setting of Myers Farm, Kendal, which overlooks the Lakeland and Howgill Fells. In 2014, Henry bought Hannah 12 ducks for her 18th Birthday (‘better than a ring’, as Henry put it!) They quickly discovered that there was a market for duck eggs and grew their hobby into a business with help from the Prince's Trust, which provided them with much-needed support and advice in order to develop their enterprise.

Duck eggs are larger than Hen’s eggs, with a much bigger yolk. The eggs from Hannah’s flock have a rich, yellowy orange yolk and are exceptionally rich and flavoursome, making for exceptionally fluffy and rich cakes and pastries due to the higher albumen content. Duck eggs are higher in protein and omega-3 fatty acids than chicken eggs and as a result are a firm favourite of paleo dieters, who eat uprocessed, nutritious foods of the kind that our caveman ancestors ate before the advent of agriculture.

Hannah says, ‘The popularity of duck eggs is growing as their benefits and nutritional content are becoming more well-known. I am really pleased to have been given this opportunity to stock our free range duck eggs in Cranstons well-established Food Halls in the heart of Cumbria. Henry and myself will to continue to grow the business and hope that you enjoy our eggs as much as we do!’

Managing Director Philip Cranston says, ‘we are pleased to stock an exceptional product from a young up-and-coming local entrepreneur. Duck eggs are very different to chicken eggs and early signs suggest that they will be a hit with our customers - the eggs have only been on the shelves for a few days but have sold well. We hope that even more of our customers will try these exceptional eggs in the coming weeks and that Hannah’s business goes from strength to strength.’

PHOTO: Hannah with Food Hall Supervisor Stephanie Kirkland.

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Young local egg entrepreneur cracks Cranstons